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Upcoming Events

Thai Poosam 2021-Chariot Festival 28/01/2021, Thursday evening - தைப்பூசம் சிறப்புத் தேர்த்திருவிழா  Varisha Abhishekam -Kumbabishekam Day: 7/01/2021 முதலாமாண்டு வருஷாபிஷேகம் -கும்பாபிஷேக தினம் Thai Pongal/Makara Jyothi -14th of January 2021 தைப்பொங்கல் /மகரஜோதி Monthly Festivals- January , 2021…

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Project: Ther தேர்

Chariot Building Project Perth BalaMurugan Chariot building progression commenced on the 08-08-2019. சித்திரத் தேர் progression 80% Dec 2019.. Chariot Foundation Work


Photo Video Gallery

Sri Balamurugan Maha Kumbabhisheham, Feb 2020 https://youtu.be/_RCMgJZD7To Appane Muruga by Magantharen Balakisten https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6U8wDsxJjJk&feature=youtu.be&fbclid=IwAR3npHtfrLnBDFD0zDMeROL5A1YRoHpFZcJ57kxHpkj8tB8G-E6xFhwV6ss Thai Poosam Festival தைப்பூசம்: 08-02-2020 MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKHAM Thirukalynam Thirukalynam Thirukalynam Thirukalynam Thirukalynam Thirukalynam MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKHAM MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKHAM MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKHAM MAHA KUMBHABHISHEKHAM…


Navarthiri, 2019

NAVARATHIRI AT PERTH SRI BALAMURUGAN TEMPLE-2019Dear Devotees,The nine days festival of Navarathri commences on the29th of September 2019 and concludes on 08th October 2019 with Vijayathasami.As part of this auspicious celebration this year, we…


Tamil New Year

12-04-2020 Dear Devotees,On behalf of m/c we would like to wish all devotees Happy Tamil new year 2020. During this unprecedented time, with corona virus epidemic it has been decided only to conduct daily, Nithiya poosai…

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