Due to Coronavirus epidemic, normal routine of Poosai will be done on reduced scale until further advice from health authorities -this situation might change on a daily basis- m/c of SMS

Part of WA’s roadmap, Temple will be open as usual however limited to maximum of 100 devotees at a time until further update.

People who wants to take part in spiritual activities must contact the management for prior arrangements.

Saiva Maha Sabai has arranged to facilitate selected poojas through online payment. Please pay online and email your details to murugan@perthmurugan.org.au

Normal Archanai 	$10.00
Morcha Arachanai 	$31.00
Milk Abesehikam 	$15.00
Special Abisehikam 	$51.00
Account Detail: Sri Bala Murugan Dewasthanam, 

BSB 306-063,  Account Account Number 053036-4

COVID-19: From June 6th, restrictions further relaxed as part of WA’s roadmap, allowing up to 100 devotees to Murugan Temple -this limit will be strictly coordinated.

COVID-19 roadmap: from 6th of June, 2020 Visit COVID-19 coronavirus: Roadmap!
Please visit above websites for more details

Poosi 26-04-2020, as we recall from last year(26-04-2019) was Ther and following day the Theertham of load Murugan

Tamil New Year 2020

 14/4/20 (Tamil) new year day. Devotees are not permitted to attend new year -Facebook Live

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Please make online donation by direct deposit for your Bala Murrugan Temple