Sent: Tuesday, 11 August 2020 4:12 PM
To: Perth Bala Murugan Temple <>

Dear Members,

For your attention: The Management Committee would like to bring few recent developments since release of the membership register to members.

Anonymous Emails

Over the last two weeks anonymous emails have been sent to the Management Committee and a select ‘group’ of members and non-members under a pretense email ID. These sinister emails have been derogatory and specifically targeted younger members of the Committee and their families to malign them, and with the ulterior motive to discourage them not to be part of future Management Committees or being part of the upcoming management council election. Police and major cybercrime detectives are informed to safeguard personal information of the members.

It should be noted that certain members who have been vocal against the management in the past few months, and have been copied to, not only cheered on the malicious work of the despicable person but also have undertaken systematic campaign by circulating the emails from this unknown source to wider Perth community and beyond. Mr Aran Kandia has circulated  these emails to his friends ,who are not members of the SMS. By doing so, appallingly they have not only given legitimacy to these emails but have brought the entire Tamil Hindu community into disrepute.

These emails have also targeted few non-committee members associated with current Committee, specifically women. Further, such anonymous emails have also been sent to a spouse of a young committee member. These emails also intermittently used a name of a member/person with the name of Jagdish. This level of cowardly acts sets a dangerous precedence and degrades the sanctity of the Balamurugan Temple. We have apologized to the recipients of such threatening emails and notified them that we have only provided the SMS Members Register to two members (Mr Ramachandran and Mr Aran Kandia) after repeated requests followed by another request received from Mr Jeevan Jeganathan. The MC has no option but to release a copy of the register on their insistence that they are exercising their right as a member, pursuant to the Associations Incorporation Act 2015 section 56(1).

The members have every right to contact or raise their opinion with the management. However, these emails were precursor to a legal action initiated by four members, namely  Murugesu Ramachandran, Aran Kandia,  Seelan Jeyaseelan and Jeevan Jaganathan. Both these emails’ gmail addresses were sent under disguised names and still unable to verify who the senders. While the Management Committee has decided not to entertain such cowardly anonymous emails, have strongly rebuked those who had been providing a platform for such emails, it was an issue we encountered recently with the two petitions accusing the management. The Management Committee, therefore, request all our members not to entertain such anonymous emails or intentional circulation by one those recipients.

SGM, Tax and DGR Matters

In addition to the professional advice we shared with the members a few weeks ago on the above, we have had a Workshop with Tax Expert Bob Campbell (Proprietor Australian Audit) on the 3rd Aug Monday, where Aran Kandaia, Ramachandran, Sri Ranjan, Jeevan Jeganathan, Bamini Isaac, Leonardo Isaac, Kugan Kugananthan and Jeya Jeyabalan participated along with the Management Committee. Further to the discussions, comments received from Ramachandran, Kugananthan, Bamini Isaac and Jayabalan have also been passed to Mr. Bob Campbell to provide us with a recommended advice regarding the path forward. We assure to all members, once we receive the final advice based on professionals skilled in their respective area of expertise, that advise will be circulate to members. MC will consider any suggestions or concerns outlined by any other Professional Tax specialist in writing.

AGM Date

Based on the outcome of the SGM, the Management Committee is working towards finalising the Annual Accounts on the advice of our Accountant, Tax Adviser and Auditor. The intention of the Management Committee is to have the AGM as early as possible. However, increase in Covid-19 Cases in Victoria and other Eastern States have pushed the WA Government moving from stage 4 to stage 5 restrictions from Mid-July to late August. The WA government is expected to announce further details on the 29th of August regarding the possible easing of restrictions. The Stage 4 restrictions currently in place sets out a 2 square meter rule, hence a large venue will be required to hold the 250+ members of SMS. Therefore, organising the AGM under this circumstance has been difficult, which was also raised during the SGM, leading to several complaints to local authorities permitting such events. The WA government has provided the following advice for incorporated associations on conducting AGMs during Covid period:

The AGM date will be announced soon the restrictions are eased to hold an AGM to elect a new Management Committee as per the SMS regulations.


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